29 January 2018

Interview Videos : Caruana

A week ago, when I kicked this latest series off with Interview Videos : Aronian, I explained,

In 2016, I featured instructional videos showing each [of the eight candidates] analyzing a game. This time I'll feature each player being interviewed after a game. The eight players, in alphabetical order, are GMs Aronian (*), Caruana (*), Ding Liren, Grischuk, Karjakin (*), Kramnik, Mamedyarov, and Wesley So.

Like Aronian, GM Caruana has '(*)' after his name, meaning that he is one of three players in 2018 who also played in the 2016 Candidates. This interview by Chess.com was recorded last month.

Fabiano Caruana Discusses Winning The London Chess Classic (3:20) • 'Published on Dec 14, 2017'

The video's description said,

Fabiano Caruana achieved one his biggest chess super-tournament wins in years after defeating first Michael Adams in the final day and then Ian Nepomniachtchi in a tiebreak. Here [are] his thoughts on this challenging day in our interview.

As my page on the 2016 Candidates Tournament shows, Caruana came close to winning the event. In a last round, must-win situation, where the tiebreaks favored his opponent GM Karjakin, Caruana lost. Will he perform just as well in 2018?

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