05 January 2018

Chess News Hat Trick

In the previous edition of Video Friday, Dirty Mind Games, I asked, 'How often does chess grab mainstream headlines twice in one month for different stories?' Strike that question and replace it with 'three times in one month' (or 'thrice in one month' if you like archaic terms).

Chess tournament controversy (1:22) • 'Published on Dec 27, 2017'

The news clip is from the Youtube channel, 'Euronews (in English)', and their related story is Chess tournament controversy (euronews.com; 27 December 2017).

In the chess world a storm is brewing. Saudi Arabia has effectively banned Israel in participating in the World Chess Championship. The Israeli team were denied visas to enter the country. Saudi Arabia says this is because they have no diplomatic ties with the state of Israel.

For an overview of all three stories at the same time -- and proof that they made mainstream news -- see last month's post on this blog, December Yahoos.

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