07 June 2018

Chess in The Graphic

In a post from last week, An 1886 Photoshopped Illustration, I featured,

"The Sixteen Leading Chess Players of the World" from the July 17, 1886 issue of The Graphic. [...] I found three copies of the image in my archive. The best copy showed that the 1886 original had the names and nationalities of the players listed outside the border of the image. The best associated text copied that information.

While I was browsing the archive I found nearly a dozen other images from The Graphic. Here are four of them.

Legend (UL = Upper Left, etc.):-

  • UL: 1890-08-23 - 'The International Chess Congress - Some of the Chief Members of the Liverpool Chess Club'
  • UR: 1883-02-10 - 'Chess with Living Pieces - A Match at the Guildhall, Winchester'
  • LL: 1883-05-19 - 'A Military Chess Tournament with Living Pieces - Capture of the Bishop'
  • LR: 1883-10-27 - 'A Chess Tournament with Living Pieces at Brighton'

The fellow in the foreground of the first image is J.H.Blackburne, apparently conducting a blindfold simul. As for the three 'Living Pieces' images, I hope my legend is correct, because I discovered some contradictory text attached to the different images.

I could have resolved these discrepancies with digital copies of the original issues of The Graphic. Here, for example, is a link to the British Newspaper Archive ('in partnership with the British Library') showing the issue containing the image from '1886 Photoshopped Illustration': Results | From 17th Jul 1886 | The Graphic. It's a subscription site and I didn't want to pay just to resolve some minor issues, so I'll leave that for a time when I have more serious research to do.

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