08 June 2018

An NN for Chess Images?

After getting my introduction to AI in It's Much More than Chess, can I make any practical use of the knowledge? I'm already following the chess playing aspect -- as in Understanding Leela -- but there must be other angles involving chess.

In yesterday's post Chess in The Graphic, I mentioned my archive of chess images. Maybe I could do something with that? For starters, how about building and training an NN to tell the difference between a photo and a drawing; and maybe throw in a scanned text as a third possibility. Take the following image as an example.

The accompanying text says,

This is a fantastic 20"x24" hand painted, unstretched oil on canvas. The painting depicts two dalmation dogs playing chess. The oil is unsigned.

Could a network recognize that this is not a photo? Or (without being told) that it shows dogs. My first step should probably be to make some sort of survey of what software and services are available.

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