05 June 2018

June 1968 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago the covers of the two leading American chess magazines featured the nation's premier open tournament and the world's premier qualifying tournament. For the previous month's covers, see May 1968 'On the Cover'.

Left: 'Maroon Bells, Colorado; See back cover for U.S.Open details'
Right: 'Spassky: 1966 Challenger on His Way Back?'

Chess Life

[Back page ad] 69th Annual U.S. Open Chess Championship • Twelve Rounds -- In the West Village Conference Center • Snowmass-at-Aspen, Colo. -- August 11-23 • Tournament Director: International Master George Koltanowski • Assistant Tournament Director: Col. Paul Webb • $4500 Guaranteed prize fund • 1st Prize $1250 plus trophy [...] • Entry Fee: $25 plus USCF membership if not currently a member

The first time on this blog that we saw the venue of the U.S. Open was July 1964 'On the Cover' ('On to Boston!'). This was followed by 'On the Cover' for May 1965 ('A Caribbean Chess Holiday!'), and May 1967 (Atlanta). In 1966, the cover for the Open was usurped by other tournaments.

Chess Review

Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union is leading the prospective challengers in the elimination matches.

The magazine continued, 'The first round of Challengers Matches has probably ended.' Of the four quarterfinal matches for the 1967-69 Candidates Matches, Larsen - Portisch (+2-2=3 each) was still unfinished at the time the June issue was published.

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