21 October 2018

Chess and Cubofuturism

How is a chess player connected to the chess board? Most people would probably say through the head, but this painting suggests that there are also connections through the chest and through the hands.

Chess player by Otto Möller (1921) © Flickr user Marcel under Creative Commons.

The description added the hashtags --

#art #chess #berlin #painting

-- and linked to an Instagram page with a nearly identical title and description, Marcel on Instagram: “Chess player...". For more than a million chess images from Instagram, see #chess hashtag on Instagram. The introduction to a German Wikipedia page, Otto Möller (painter), translates to:-

Otto Möller (1883-1964) was a German painter, graphic artist and drawing teacher. In his work Möller went through various styles, such as Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubofuturism and New Objectivity. His reputation he achieved as a representative of the Berlin November Group and Expressionist of the second generation.

I'm not sure what Cubofuturism means, but the painting certainly reminds me of the Google image search on 'chess cubism' that I used in Chess and Art Movements (December 2017).

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