05 October 2018

Restoring Adsense

Continuing a saga started with migrating my site to secure pages, Verifying HTTPS (August 2018):-

One casualty of the migration was Google Adsense. The ads are missing, e.g. on the index page for the World Chess Championship, and the browser warns of mixed content. The code that calls an ad currently uses 'HTTP'. If I want the ads back I'll need to change the code on all pages, but it might be better to replace Adsense with something else in that space.

First I had to catch up with the latest announcements from Google:-

Then I had to solve a number of technical problems involving batch transfer using FTP. The result is shown below, where the ad is a generic place-filler to 'Download PDF - Free'.

Index : World Chess Championship

Re 'it might be better to replace Adsense with something else', that's still possible, but replace it with what? In the meantime, while restoring Adsense, I added the functionality to load the ads asynchronously. I'm not sure what difference it makes, but I'm sure I'll find out.

After this short series that has little to do with chess, it's time to return to the main subject. There are still a number of issues involving Google, but none of them are urgent (until Google decides otherwise).

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