24 September 2020

2020 CJA Awards - Part 1 bis

After last week's post 2020 CJA Awards - Part 1, I had hoped to wrap up Part 2 today, but the CJA site is currently out of service. It displays the message shown below.

In Part 1, I quoted an email from the CJA that said,

Our webmaster has arranged for us to move to a site that will allow us many more options. [...] We will have the new website in a couple of weeks and this should allow us to make the awards much more available to the general public.

As for me, I decided,

Although the award announcements are accessible on a couple of other sites, I'll allow a little more time for the move to Chessjournalism.org.

The CJA site was formerly hosted on Wix.com, which is the source of the message shown above. The new host will be Weebly.com. A week ago, the future host was showing pages from the new site, including the 2020 CJA awards. Now it redirects to the same message from Wix.com. A DNS problem? To be continued...

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