17 May 2021

The Return of Chessdom News

Chessdom.org has long served as the mother ship for TCEC support -- see, for example, the TCEC Wiki (also via the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page). At one time Chessdom.com served as an equivalent function for TCEC news.

In early 2019, Chessdom stopped being one of the 'go-to' sites for chess news and started limiting itself to specialty topics like news about TCEC. The last time I referenced Chessdom as a news source was over a year ago, in TCEC S17 Paused; CCC13 Underway (March 2020). That was mid-March, around the same time the coronavirus pandemic started to slow down the entire planet. Coincidence?

In last week's post, TCEC S21 Starts; CCC 'Eco Mini-Matches' (May 2021), I noted,

An article dated yesterday, 'TCEC S21 starts today' (chessdom.com), started by saying, 'Season 21 of the Top Chess Engine Championship starts today...' The secondary news in that article is that Chessdom.com is back with a new look and a new attempt at keeping up-to-date. I'll look at the site more closely in an off-week post.

Chessdom.com TCEC S21 articles 'by Sergio' started appearing last month:-

That was before the general announcement:-

The link to see subsequent articles is All posts tagged "TCEC" (chessdom.com). I added the same to the reference tab 'TCEC/CCC Links'.

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