29 October 2021

Carlsen's TMER 2019-21, Lichess

For the past few months I've been working on an update to my page on Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (TMER; 2000-) Last week's post, Carlsen's TMER 2019-21, the Tours (October 2021), looked at two series of online events:-

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour (2020), and
Meltwater Champions Chess Tour (2021)

A day later, on my chess960 blog, I looked at GM Carlsen's Online Chess960 (October 2021). It turned out that all of those games were played on Lichess. While I was looking at the chess960 events, I discovered that Carlsen has played thousands of games using the traditional start position, most of them bullet, on the Lichess server. I'll use this current post to take a second look.

The following chart shows Lichess events that are recorded on the TMER. The first entry ('LiChess Meetup') was already added on the previous update to the TMER; the other entries are currently marked 'In preparation'.

The two events dated 2020-09 were organized by the St.Louis chess club, as was the 2020-06 Clutch Chess International (uschesschamps.com). Announcements for the two Katara events can be found at:-

As for the four events dated 2021-02/-04, they appear to have been picked up randomly by TWIC. A few years earlier we find the first two 'Titled Arena' events, both played by Carlsen under names other than 'DrNykterstein':-

Later we find Carlsen playing under yet another name. Earlier this year someone calculated a tentative count of his tournament wins:-

  • 2021-02-23: Alireza wins a 13th Titled Arena • 'GM Alireza Firouzja won his 13th Titled Arena on Saturday, bringing him almost even with the record 14 won by GM Magnus Carlsen. (NB: Upon further review, it seems Magnus has actually won 15 Titled Arenas.)'

Since Carlsen also played a few such events which he didn't win, it would take some effort to locate all of the 'Titled Arena' events he played. Given that they were bullet tournaments lasting only a few hours, I could probably just summarize them for now; idem for the bullet matches.

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