10 December 2021

Carlsen's TMER 2019-21, Chess24 'Classical' Games

In this ongoing series to update Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (TMER; 2000-), we've seen two posts on the Chess24 Banter Blitz events. I arrived at the first via TWIC data and at the second via Carlsen's Chess24 account:-

Both posts cover the same territory and confirm each other. In that second post I noted, 'There are 570 blitz games and 66 'classical' games listed [on Carlsen's Chess24 account]'. What can be said about the 66 'classical' games?

It turns out that all but one of those games were played during the first two events of the 'Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour' (MC-CT; 2020). I documented that competition in another post in the TMER series:-

There were five separate events making up the MC-CT. Where is the Carlsen profile for the games from the last three events? Same question for the second tour, 'Meltwater Champions Chess Tour' (MW-CT; 2020-21).

The 'Tours' post has links to Chessgames.com pages for all events in the two tours. The Chessgames.com pages have links to everything you might want to know about the two tours. Here's an example from the first event of MC-CT 2020, the 'Magnus Carlsen Invitational'.

Source: Magnus Carlsen Invitational 2020 (chessgames.com)

Even with all of that info available, I wasn't able to answer the simple question 'Where is the Carlsen profile?'. I'll have to live without it.

Chess24 considers that rapid games, those with a 15 minute time control, are 'classical' games. This is another example of how the word 'classical' has been overused in chess, rendering it meaningless. Instead of controls classified as bullet, blitz, rapid, long -- why not use the actual time control?; 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 120 minutes (or whatever). And where does 3 minutes fit in?

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