20 February 2023

Stockfish Wins TCEC Swiss 4; TCEC S24 L2 & CCC20 Blitz Underway

Another fortnight means another report on the world's top two ongoing engine vs. engine competitions. Let's first summarize the previous report, TCEC Swiss 4 Underway; CCC Mystery Matches (February 2023):-

TCEC: The site started 'Swiss 4'. Of the 11 'double rounds', the event is currently in the eighth. Stockfish leads a half-point ahead of Ethereal and KomodoDragon, which are ahead of 39 other engines. • CCC: After the 'CCC19 Bullet Final' match, the site held a number of exhibition events, including a series of matches with the header 'Stockfish Thread Dominance...'. As for plans, !next says, 'CCC20 Blitz : Newcomers'.

For this present report, both sites have started their seasonal flagship tournaments.

TCEC: Stockfish won 'Swiss 4', a point ahead of KomodoDragon and LCZero, which were a point ahead of Ethereal, which was a point ahead of the other engines. Stockfish also won 'Swiss 3'.

The site then started S24 League 2. The following diagram, which is a portion of TCEC's official chart, shows the sequence of individual events comprising the season.

For the complete diagram, see
TCEC Leagues Season 24 (wiki.chessdom.org)

The incoming dashed arrows indicate participants qualified from a previous TCEC event. For the equivalent point in S23 see TCEC S23 Leagues Underway; CCC Rudderless? (August 2022). The TCEC has eliminated the 'Qualification League', last seen in S23 QL.

CCC: The 'CCC20 Blitz Newcomers' and 'Qualifier #1' events have finished and 'Qualifier #2' is underway. All three stages had ten engines; the first two stages had five engines qualifying into the next stage. For the equivalent post on the previous event, TCEC More Interludes; CCC19 Bullet Underway (December 2022), I noted,

The site is currently running the 'CCC19 Bullet' event. For the first time in longer than I can remember, the site has updated the event's 'Info' tab to explain its different stages. Even more amazing, the info appears to be accurate and well thought out.

Copy that for 'CCC20 Blitz'. The first difference in the format is that 'CCC19 Bullet' had only four of ten engines qualifying into the next stage. The next stage, 'CCC20 Blitz Main', will have 12 engines with three coming from 'Qualifier #2' ('CCC19 Bullet Main' had four qualifying).

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero; Dragon = KomodoDragon]

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