12 February 2023

'The Von Niemann Probe'

We saw this story last month in First Yahoos of 2023 (January 2023): 'This Chess-Cheating Wearable Aims to Investigate the Accusations Against Grandmaster Hans Neimann (hackster.io)'. Now here's the related video.

We Built the Alleged Hans Niemann Chess Cheating Device (and You Can Too!) (21:58) • '[Published on] Jan 28, 2023'

The description starts,

An AVR-based Bluetooth telegraphing shoe insole that lets you play chess in the way Hans Niemann has been accused! This project is our contribution to the ongoing investigation into the Hans Niemann / Magnus Carlsen cheating scandal and tests the feasibility of creating and using an over-the-board chess cheating aid. Check out the Von Niemann Probe's documentation...

'The Von Niemann Probe' : gotta love it! Although not really 'For All Ages', this video's makers discuss the sensitive bits tastefully. Rated no worse than 'PG'.

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