27 February 2023

Chessify vs. Chessbase Engine Cloud

Since the beginning of the year, the off-week engine posts -- meaning those weeks that I'm not tracking TCEC/CCC -- have been looking at the Chessify engine cloud. The most recent post in the series was Chessify's Other Engines (February 2023). Are there any alternatives?

Chessify answered that question in Why the Cloud Servers for Chess Engines [Are] Worth it & What Options You Have (chessify.me/blog):-

Main options for cloud chess engines • Where can you find these servers to run the engines on? Not many platforms offer such a service. The two main options are ChessBase Public Cloud and Chessify Cloud, the comparison of which is presented below to help you make the right decision if you’re looking for powerful chess analysis. Here's a comparison table between the two cloud services with detailed descriptions presented further. [...; 'Pros/Cons']

I'll take a closer look at the Chessbase service in another post.

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