08 October 2023

Everyone's Favorite World Champion?

If Magnus Carlsen is everyone's favorite living World Champion, who is second favorite? Let's have a vote.

How many for Kasparov? [Silence] • How many for Karpov? [More silence] • How many for Spassky? [Polite applause] • How many for Anand? [The crowd goes wild. Maybe he is really the favorite?]

Five-time World Chess Champion Shows Off His CRAZY Trophy Room (5:42) • '[Published on] Sep 28, 2023'

The description of the video says,

We recently caught up with the man, myth and legend Viswanathan Anand to give us a house tour and Tania Sachdev got a VERY special treat, a room only a FEW have stepped into, Vishy's trophy room!

Given that he has a few World Champion medals, a few chess Oscars, and a few Padma awards, how does he stay so unpretentious? For more about the Padma awards, here's a quick jump to the 'Awards' section of his Wikipedia page: Viswanathan Anand.

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