12 November 2023

Real Magnus Dissects AI Magnus

Of the dozen videos on this month's short list for featured video, a third of them were from Youtube's Chess.com channel. All of them would have been a good selection for the post, but this video edged out the others. I liked the idea behind it : indirectly getting Magnus to talk about himself.

Can AI Replace Magnus Carlsen? (5:51) • '[Published on] Nov 10, 2023'

The question posed by the title -- 'Can AI Replace...' -- doesn't refer to playing chess; it refers to talking about himself. The description explained,

We asked the Opera AI to respond as Magnus Carlsen, and then asked the REAL Magnus Carlsen if those answers were correct. How well does Artificial Intelligence REALLY know Magnus? You be the judge!

Good idea, good execution. Kudos to Chess.com for bringing the idea to reality.

As is seen so often in the monthly featured video, a large part of what makes an enjoyable video is in the comments. Ex: 'Magnus "I have no rivals" Carlsen' -or- 'This kind of interview should be done with other grandmasters as well ... Anand, Anish, Nakamura.' -or- 'Glad to see Magnus combed his hair for the interview.'

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