29 November 2008

Chess on Blip.tv

While catching up on YouTube's chess videos for yesterday's Video Friday post -- Chess Behind Bars -- I was hoping to spotlight something on the just concluded Dresden Olympiad. I saw a number of noteworthy efforts, but nothing from the king of chess news video, Chessvibes.com. What happened to the clips of Susan Polgar's press conferences? After a little effort, I found them here...

Chessvibes.blip.tv : Episodes Archive

...Along with displaying the clip, clicking on a thumbnail provides access to the video embed code. Here's an example.

Anand - Kramnik World Championship Match (30:30) • 'Game 11 / Press Conference'

Game 11 was the last game of the match. Both players are relaxed and articulate throughout the video. A Kramnik comment on his notion of sportsmanship and fair play caught my attention: 'My motto in life is that you're responsible for the quality of your work, but you're not responsible for the result.' (~29:00). Well said, Vladimir!

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