15 November 2008

October 2008 Chess Events

I removed a number of events from the sidebar list of 'Events on the Agenda'. The last few months have been extraordinarily rich in top class chess events. For the record, here's what I removed:-

These were all events that I was interested in following. I checked for events to add, but came up empty handed. As for events still on the agenda, it's unlikely that the Topalov - Kamsky challengers match will start on 2008-11-26 as originally scheduled.


2008-11-19: 'FIDE is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for organisation of the Challenger Match between Topalov and Kamsky. There has been full agreement between FIDE and the players regarding all aspects of the Match. The Match will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 16th to 28th February, 2009 with a prize fund of USD 250,000 which will be shared equally by the players.'

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