04 November 2008

Chess960 Game Explorer

This weekend I received a private message on SchemingMind.com from member heuschrecke. He mentioned having written a short essay for ICCF Amici about playing chess960 via correspondence server. Although I couldn't find a copy of the article online, he was kind enough to forward it via email. The gist of it is that

Decades of intense and thourough analysis, and millions of games were needed to develop current opening theory in standard chess. Imagine then, how long it would take to develop opening theory in the other 959 different chess960 positions?

The article goes on to mention a resource on Scheming Mind called the Game Explorer, which features a section on chess960 openings. The purpose of the resource is to address the task of developing opening theory in the 'other 959 different chess960 positions'. It shows moves that have been tried on Scheming Mind, but the annotations covering the first 100 start positions are only available to full members of the service.

For more about Scheming Mind and the ICCF, see Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess), on the ICCF Forum.

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