27 November 2008

More Fischer Photos

The image below shows a batch of Fischer photos, including final bid, that sold on eBay this week.

The auction that finished with the highest closing bid ('Vintage '70 Chess Bobby Fischer Spassky Prep Game Photo'), had a scan of the photo's back that read

This is roughly the way the world's championship chess match will appear, when Bobby Fischer gets around to meeting titleholder Boris Spassky. In a previous encounter in Siegen, Germany in 1970 Fischer lost to Spassky, but few expect him to lose next time. (Please credit United Press International Photo)

The photo shows Spassky thinking about his 11th or 12th move in the last game between the two players before their 1972 title match. For the full game, see...

Boris Spassky vs Robert James Fischer, Siegen ol final 1970

...on Chessgames.com.

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