16 July 2009

Chess Ads I

For the next few weeks I have VIP visitors (i.e. family), and on some days won't have much time for blogging. To be able to post something on those days, I'll work on my collection of chess ads. I've been collecting images of ads for over a decade, but have never taken the time to sort them out.

Here's a first batch that I collected in 1999 and 2000. There are a lot of problems with this batch. When I first started collecting the ads I often cropped out the chess image, kept it, and threw away the text. On top of that, I wasn't always meticulous about recording the origin of the ad. I hope I'll find later copies of those ads where I was more discriminating.

I've already used several of these ads elsewhere. For example, if you look carefully at the image in the fourth row located fourth from the left, you can see the image I used in Who Goes to Caesars Palace to Play Chess? and followed up in Playing Chess at Caesars Palace.

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