10 July 2009

The King of Pop Teaches the Game of Kings

Mary Hart (Entertainment Tonight, Wikipedia): 'At an age when most parents are playing Candyland or Chutes & Ladders with their kids, Michael is teaching his son the game of chess.'

Michael Jackson & a 3 year old Prince Michael play chess (2:19) • 'Michael Jackson playing chess with his oldest son in 2000... it is too cute! Paris is there too!'

The set looks like the same one pictured in my April post on Michael Jackson's Chess Set. • Prince Michael (holding a Rook): 'Daddy, we should live in a castle like this.' Papa Michael: 'I know, I love that castle. Could we all fit in there?' Prince: 'Uh, uh, we can't.' Papa: 'Can I fit in there?' Prince: 'Uh, uh, you can't either.' Papa: 'That castle's too small. We need a bigger castle than that.'

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CMoB said...

That is really cool! Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind i'll be sharing it some more for those that miss your blog.