05 July 2009

Alekhine's Record in Russia

After Chigorin (1850-1908; see also Chigorin Wrapup), the most influential player contributing to the development of the Soviet school was Alekhine (1892-1946). The following chart shows Alekhine's tournament and match record through the year he left the Soviet Union (Russia).

The chart is a composite of the records given in Kotov's 'Alexander Alekhine' (R.H.M. Press, 1975, p.216) and Winter's 'World Chess Champions' (Pergamon Press, 1981, p.137; chapter on Alekhine by Cafferty). Winter/Cafferty omits the tournaments 1907 Moscow and 1909 Moscow ii, while Kotov omits the matches 1913 vs. Capablanca and 1916 vs. Evenssohn.

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