24 July 2009

Chess Killer Tips

This video by Alexandra Kosteniuk spotlights a familiar study, but if you've never seen it before, the key move and final position will almost certainly surprise you. After that, at around two minutes into the clip, there's a sequence of chess magazines where GM Kosteniuk was featured on the cover.

Chess Killer Tip 023 (3:37) • 'Access Control. White plays and draws, 1947 Study by Chekhover.'

See also Chess Killer Tip 026; despite the introduction ('Welcome to Chess Killer Tips, brought to you by ChessQueen.com. Here's your host, Alexandra Kosteniuk'), it's narrated by Almira Skripchenko. At 2:20 into the clip, bloggers should note,

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For more info on the series, see New ChessKillerTips Channel on YouTube, posted at Chessblog.com.


Later: When I wrote the post, I overlooked the related site Chess Killer Tips. It's definitely worth mentioning!

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