19 March 2010

Feast or Famine

Some weeks, when I review recent clips for Video Friday, I find very little worth spotlighting. Then the choice becomes selecting the least flawed of a dubious bunch. The previous selection, 'Make No Mistake! You Are the Target!', fell into that category. Other weeks, I find so much that I have a real problem making a final selection. The following clip is one of a half-dozen I considered for this current post.

BBC - How to Win at Chess (1/6) (9:50) • 'In a programme showing how to play better chess, grandmasters Dan King and Ray Keene go through a demonstration game...'

From bbc.co.uk: How to Win at Chess; 'Many people know the basic rules of chess, but few can play really well. This programme offers some essential tips on how to raise our game.'

A few months ago I spotlighted an earlier video by Keene: 1972 Fischer - Spassky, game 6. The latest effort is much higher quality.

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