30 March 2010

What's the CNC?

Notice anything different about the FIDE home page? I'm talking about the logo in the upper left of the screen just to the right of the FIDE logo: CNC. I noticed it for the first time this weekend and I can't figure out what it means. For starters, there is no underlying hyperlink.

Maybe it's been there for ages and maybe everyone associated with FIDE knows what it stands for, but I haven't a clue. Although it's on every page of Fide.com, a search of the site returns 'Your search - site:fide.com cnc - did not match any documents.' A general search on 'chess fide cnc' returns pages about lathes like a video post I did last year: Cutting the Chess Pieces, 'Simultaneous 5-axis milling'.

I am truly baffled.


Paul said...

Chess News Corporation. It's a joint venture between FIDE and other parties to commercialize some of FIDE's IP.

Mark Weeks said...

Thanks, Paul - I blogged about that organization on my World Chess Championship blog...

Global Chess, Chess News Corporation, Chess Lane, and FIDE

...but didn't make the connection with the acronym. From the minutes of the 2009 Executive Board: '3.8.2. Development Department; Annex 62 is the Agreement of Shareholders of Chess News Corporation between Chess Lane SA and FIDE. Deputy President G. Makropoulos informed the Board on the negotiations between Chess Lane and FIDE, especially during the current FIDE Congress.'

Annex 62 is a 34 page PDF document with title page 'AGREEMENT OF SHAREHOLDERS of CHESS NEWS CORPORATION Between CHESS LANE SA AND FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DES ECHECS; Year: 2009'. It should be interesting to see where this goes. - Mark