25 March 2010

Peter Ganine and Star Trek

Ever wonder about that three dimensional chess set that was used on the original Star Trek? No, neither have I, but it must be quite an item for collectors of chess sets or of Star Trek paraphernalia.

The set is pictured on the left. The 32 pieces taken together were one of the top priced items on eBay over the last two weeks (for an introduction to the series of posts, see Top eBay Chess Items by Price).

Just to be clear, only the pieces were included in the item that sold. The multi-layered, space age board was not part of the auction. The pieces received 33 bids and finally sold for US $1250. Of the 50 most expensive items offered over the last fortnight, it was one of only six that received a bid. The description said,


You are bidding on a complete 32 piece 1961 PETER GANINE CLASSIC CHESS SET. This set is in EXCELLENT CONDITION, all pieces are weighted and felted and have been lightly buffed to a beautiful shine. These pieces have no chips, cracks or funny discoloration. These are VERY BEAUTIFUL pieces and are VERY RARE and HARD TO FIND especially in this condition. These "Classic Style" pieces were the pieces generally associated with the STAR TREK three dimensional chess set and were used as PROPS in the series as shown in the pictures.

Original box is included and is in good condition considering how old it is. Original mint instructions, original board, and original inspection receipt, although not pictured, will also be included. THIS EXTREMELY RARE set, if you are lucky, will come along once in a lifetime. I have been collecting Ganine chess sets for many years and have only seen one similar set on Ebay. This set is the original classic style you have been looking for.

Pieces measure: King 3 2/8" Height, 1 3/8" Base; Queen 3" Height, 1 3/8" Base; Pawn 1 2/8" Height, 1" Base

The other images used to illustrate the auction showed the set in more detail. Yes, it was the same style set shown in the Star Trek photos.

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