21 October 2013

Anand's Game Scores 2004-2013

After compiling the data for Anand's W-L-D Record 2009-2013, I uploaded the PGN game scores to the 'Chess for All Ages' web site:-

The file includes 939 games from 101 events, starting with 'Armenia vs. Rest of the World' in June 2004 (TWIC 502). The ZIP file contains one PGN file per event with full PGN headers as distributed by TWIC. I know the small PGN files are an inconvenience for some people, but they are easy to concatenate when necessary. I work more with individual events than with the complete file, so I prefer the small files.

The ZIP file isn't yet linked from Viswanathan Anand's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (1983-). I'll do that when I add the W-L-D data for 2004-2013.

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