18 October 2013

Chess Is NOT a Crime!

What's this all about? After almost four decades, Market Street chess games are taking a break (SFExaminer.com):

People from all walks of life brought their own chess sets and spent a few hours Sunday afternoon playing on Market and Fifth streets, as had been a San Francisco tradition for decades. They were not bothered by police, who last month confiscated chess sets, tables and chairs after businesses complained about drug dealing, gambling and theft.

The poster says, 'Join your community for a CHESS-IN! Bring your chess boards, tables, and friends...'

Chess is not a crime San Francisco protest © Flickr user Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons.

For all photos in the set see: Chess is not a crime San Francisco protest. Other slogans in the photos: 'Good Queen Fun'; 'Sit, Lie, Play Chess'; 'Not Pawns in Their Game - We Won't Move!'; 'Let Us Play'; 'Sidewalks are for everyone!'; 'Public Space for ALL!'; 'Homes & Chess Boards NOT Jails'; 'SFPD, Stay in "Check"' [SFPD : San Francisco Police Department] ...

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