13 October 2013

Double Dutch Clocks

The last time I featured a chess clock on Top eBay Chess Items by Price was a year and a half ago in A Vintage Schachuhr. Since it's high time to have another, I'm happy to feature two similar items, pictured below, from the same seller.

The item on the top, titled 'Antique Chess Clock Hague Netherlands 1910s', sold for US $1850 after receiving 46 bids from six bidders. The item on the bottom, titled 'Antique Chess Clock Haagsche Arbeiders Schaakclub 1915' [Hague Workers Chess Club], sold for US $1225 after 19 bids, also from six bidders. Were they the same six bidders? Of course, I have no idea, but since the clock in the bottom image was chronologically the first to be offered, it appears that interest is headed north.

The descriptions for the two clocks were similar, so I'll give only the description for the second clock sold (top image):-

Clock measures approximately 3 1/8"D x 10 1/4"W x 6 1/2"H. The faces of both clocks are identical. The body of this clock almost exactly matches one that we sold recently that came from The Hague in the Netherlands, so it is reasonable to guess that this one is from the same place and that it also dates from around the 1910s. Piece is made of steel and brass with a wood base and glass face covers. Faces appear to be made of card stock. Metal has surface patina in areas.

Both clocks wind up, but only run for a short time before stopping. Main springs are good but the mechanisms are in need of cleaning. We cannot guarantee the continued functionality of the mechanical portions of this or any item we sell as per our company policy, regardless of condition.

If a third such clock should appear on eBay, I bet that it would sell for even more.

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