11 June 2015

Chesscafe.com 2015

Last year, in Chesscafe.com (July 2014), I reported on significant downtime at the site bearing that name. Now the site is down again. From On Hiatus:-

We would like to thank those who have supported ChessCafe with a purchase of product and subsequent membership. However, subscriptions have fallen just shy of what is needed to maintain our stable of great columnists. Therefore, we are taking a three-month hiatus from posting new content.

Since no one stops when they're 'just shy' of a goal, and since 'subscriptions' aren't likely to increase without new content, it appears that ChessCafe's business model -- content fueling online sales -- has fallen on hard times. Is the site another victim of Chess.com's runaway success? Let's go back to an early version.

Archive.org, December 1996

The page continued,

Welcome to The Chess Cafe, and to the Chess Cafe Boutique of Selected Chess Items Here for your education and entertainment, Russell Enterprises, Inc. presents a carefully chosen selection of materials of interest to the international chess community. New material will be presented every Wednesday, so check back frequently.

Special inclusions are "The Kibitzer", an exclusive column by Tim Harding, "Dutch Treat", a current issue column by Hans Ree, and our monthly Chronicles and Game taken from the 1996 International Chess Calendar in our What's New section.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, contributions - you may use our on-line Contact Form to reach us directly. Enjoy browsing!

Will this be another example of Soltis's Sites?

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