12 June 2015

Fake Off Chess Battle

This clip's description added,

The next-generation talent show returns with cutting-edge acts joining the Fake Off community, weaving iconic pop culture moments into groundbreaking performances. "Faking" themes from the Wild West to '90s nostalgia, the teams mix theater, acrobatics, aerial stunts and illusion into spectacles that dare to make history by re-imagining it.

A couple of the comments noted, 'Q: Can someone tell me the song they used? A: It's a dubstep mix of the "Figaro" song from the opera "Barber of Seville"'

Fake Off - Chess Battle Comes To Life (Academy Of Villains) (3:20) • 'The Academy Of Villains go to war against each other as they interpret games of strategy.'

Need help getting up to speed on that?

Fake Off [Wikipedia]: 'Fake Off is a reality competition where groups of performers recreate and re-imagine moments from pop culture in spectacular 90-second routines.(e.g. movies, event, tv show etc.) The teams use a diverse range of stage disciples including Black Light Theatre, Projection Mapping, Puppetry and Dance. The term "Faking" is used to describe the act of recreating an iconic moment.'

Academy Of Villains [academyofvillains.com]: Established in 2009, Academy of Villains is a theatrical dance company known for story-telling, incredibly intense choreography, and jaw-dropping stunts.Their mission is to inspire others by fusing dance with the notion of magic.

Dubstep [Wikipedia]: 'Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England. It emerged in the late 1990s as a development within a lineage of related styles such as 2-step garage, broken beat, drum and bass, jungle, dub and reggae.'

'Here we go, faking games of strategy...'

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