15 June 2015

Going Mobile : CFAA Site

After Going Mobile : WCC Zonals, the next step in this little project was to tackle my Chess for All Ages site (CFAA; see the link on the sidebar). Of my various chess sites, this is the one that is most likely to be of interest to a mobile user.

Since it was already clear to me that the table-based CFAA site would require extensive redesign to be 'mobile-friendly', I limited the global change to setting the viewport. The update to the titles can wait for a future change. When I ran the updated 'Welcome' page -- one of the simplest page pages on the site -- through the Google test on m-w.com/aboutcom, I received the expected 'Not mobile-friendly' message:-

Page appears not mobile-friendly
- Content wider than screen
- Links too close together

A previous post, Going Mobile : Responsive Design, had predicted the result. From that post I also knew the remedy:-

It's obvious that I can improve the look of both sites with just a few simple changes. The big Adsense banners, which serve mainly as counters, can be reduced in importance, and the CFAA logo can be reduced in size. I'll work on a different look for both pages and present the result in a future post.

Although I have a few ideas for a different look, I haven't yet hit on a satisfactory solution. What to do next?

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