26 June 2015

Trustworthy Videos?

For this edition of Video Friday, I had a good selection for my short list, but my first picks fizzled.

  • Chess: A Growing Force for a Changing World, Adarsh Jayakumar, TEDxCornell, started well, but the speaker's message just didn't work for me.

  • BBC - How to Play Chess Properly, with Short changing his Knight to a unicorn and Kasparov trying to change his Rook to the same, had some good moments, but was spoiled at the end when someone added an inappropriate message regarding 9/11.

  • Play Like Tal - Sunday Chess TV, with GM Simon Willams explaining one of Tal's best games from his first match against Botvinnik, was obviously taken from another (unattributed) source.

My next choice was the following clip.

Hungarian chess teacher eyes world record (0:55) • 'A chess teacher in Budapest is hoping to win the world record for playing the most games simultaneously'

By coincidence, I had just read Gone missing from the Streatham & Brixton blog, which starts, 'Who's Brigitta Sinka?', and then raises some interesting questions. If you can't trust 'an 87-year-old grandmother', who can you trust?


Later: That was a great choice for a post titled 'Trustworthy Videos?'. When I run the embedded clip, it tells me,

This video contains content from AFP who has blocked it from display on this website.
AFP is Agence France Presse. I should have titled the post 'Untrustworthy Videos'.

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