14 April 2016

ACP Survey 2016 - Results

A few months ago, I mentioned one of the ACP's latest intiatives in ACP Survey 2016. The group's latest communication, ACP Newsletter #3 2016, informed,

ACP published the results of its Grand Survey. There is a lot of interesting information there concerning all the aspects of the game, from time controls to World Championship matches, so please take a look at the general results.

Of specific interest to this blog are the questions on cheating; see, for example, a recent post on FIDE Anti-Cheating Guidelines (December 2015). I isolated the questions on that topic and created the following table of responses: 'A:' Answers; 'G:' General results (percents); 'M:' ACP Members only (counts).

This year FIDE has organized many online tournaments on FIDE online arena and first online women world blitz championship among them. Do you like the idea of organizing official events online?
A: Yes No
G: 50.2% 49.8%
M: 56 75
Do you think players should be obliged to use web cams playing the official FIDE online events?
A: Yes No
G: 69.7% 30.3%
M: 103 26
Do you think that during tournaments computer-assisted cheating is more common than traditional cheating?
A: Yes No
G: 70.5% 29.5%
M: 95 33
If bringing mobile phones or similar devices to the playing area of a tournament is prohibited, should the tournament director be responsible for providing a storage room?
A: Yes No
G: 80.7% 19.3%
M: 110 21
Do you consider pre-arranged draws cheating?
A: Yes No
G: 47.2% 52.8%
M: 45 83
Do you treat pre-arranged draws in the same way as pre-arranged decisive results?
A: Yes No
G: 47.3% 52.7%
M: 40 90
Do you think that the delay in the transmission of the games can decrease the interest of chess online spectators?
A: Yes No
G: 40.0% 60.0%
M: 53 79
Do you think FIDE is doing enough to tackle computer-assisted cheating?
A: Yes No
G: 26.9% 73.1%
M: 20 111
In the 2016 FIDE budget, the Anti-Cheating Commission’s budget was substantially curbed compared to 2015. Do you think FIDE should allocate more resources to tackling computer-assisted cheating?
A: Yes No
G: 84.3% 15.7%
M: 112 16
Please rate the importance of fighting computer-assisted cheating for professional chess:
A: Irrelevant Relevant Vital
G: 2.8% 26.5% 70.6%
M: 2 35 94
Do you think anti-cheating matters should be only in the hands of arbiters and organizers or do you feel there is a need for a global panel of top-notch experts who can assist arbiters and organizers world-wide to fight cheaters?
A: Arbiters and organizers only Global panel supporting arbiters and organizers
G: 16.1% 83.9%
M: 22 109
Are you ready to allow reasonable random checks during a game in exchange for greater anti-cheating security?
A: Yes No
G: 82.1% 17.9%
M: 111 21
In team competitions captains are allowed to leave the playing area and get back at any time. Do you think this practice should be stopped?
A: Yes No Depends on conditions
G: 53.0% 38.4% 8.6%
M: 70 43 17
Do you agree with Magnus Carlsen’s proposal to determine the World Champion annually in a knock-out format?
A: Yes No
G: 26.2% 73.8%
M: 33 95
FIDE plans to review the possibility of purchasing the right for a World Championship match. Do you think it should be:
A: Allowed only for players with Elo 2750 and higher Not allowed at all Allowed for anyone Allowed under certain conditions
G: 24.7% 57.5% 11.1% 6.8%
M: 26 84 6 12


The last two questions are about the World Championship, because everyone is interested in the subject. The entire exercise was a good initiative by the ACP.

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