07 April 2016

April 1966 'On the Cover'

Seeing red? It's a counterbalance to the green cover seen in the March 1966 'On the Cover'.

Left: 'The Match Begins • First Six Games Drawn'
Right: 'Mom Art'

Chess Life

The title match between defending champion Tigran Petrosian and the challenger, Boris Spassky, began in Moscow on 11 April. The match will, if it goes the full distance, consist of 24 games.

Chess Review

Robert Rosenwald, who seems to specialize in 'out' art on the chessboard, created the set on our cover, which he calls 'Mom Art'. The chesswomen of the set are: Red, bottles of nail polish (to polish off everything that isn't nailed down); White, of nail polish remover (to erase the opposition). The board is of mirrors for the white squares, photo negatives for the black, all under glass to give the illusion of three dimensions. We take the illusion as appropriate for April 1st.

Mom art? Out art? Part art and part pop. Pop art! Google offers Time Out art, Inside Out art, Wigged Out art, Rocking Out art, Far Out art, Drop Out art, Gross Out art, Night Out art... But my favorite is Can't Figure Out art.

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