11 April 2016

Karjakin's TWIC Debut

A couple of weeks ago, in The Winner and New Challenger, I gave myself the action to 'develop a Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (TMER) for GM Sergey Karjakin'. The goal would be to get up-to-speed on the GM's career and to produce a page like Magnus Carlsen's TMER (2000-).

Where to start? Maybe something like Carlsen's TWIC Debut (October 2009). Here are some basic resources:-

Using 'Starts: 2000' as a reference, I located Karjakin's first TWIC reference in TWIC312. An excerpt from Mark Crowther's summary is shown below.

The Week in Chess 312 (30 October 2000)

The second reference was TWIC351: 'The Paul Keres Memorial takes place July 25th-31st 2001 in Tallinn, Estonia [...] Standings Round 7 of 9 [...] 29. Karjakin, Sergei EST 2171 [...]'. It turns out this is a different player: Karjakin, Sergei (fide.com; 'B-Year 1964'; at least one of the games listed in Chessgames.com is for the other Karjakin.)

The post on 'Carlsen's TWIC Debut' was followed by a related post, The Class of 1990 (October 2009), tracking the relative progress of Carlsen and Karjakin. Their destinies will become even more entwined in the forthcoming World Championship match.

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