17 April 2016

How to Acquire Reasoning Skills

After the previous 'Chess in School' (CIS) post, Armenian Candidates, I planned to return to Connecting Children with Chess, but this recent video clip from BBC News is too relevant to be ignored.

Chess introduced to South African pupils by teacher (2:22) • 'Some schools in South Africa have started using chess as an educational tool.'

The video's description continued,

One project in the Free State has gone even further - running training programmes, supplying equipment and taking students to local and national tournaments. The BBC spent the day with its director as he looks for a future world champion.

Bethlehem, South Africa -- Narrated by Jabulani Ncubuka:-

When I started to play chess, I started to understand: It doesn't matter where I come from; it doesn't matter from which [click sound] I come from.

Ncubuka's shirt reads, 'Arbiter - SAJCC, Durban', where SAJCC stands for South African Junior Chess Championships. Also featured: George Miya, Head of Maths, L.K Nhlabathi School.

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