02 June 2016

June 1966 'On the Cover'

For the third year running we have the U.S. Amateur Champion on the cover of Chess Life (CL; see June 1965 'On the Cover' for last year's), and for the third month running we have the 1966 World Championship on the cover of CL/CR (see May 1966 'On the Cover' for last month's).

Left: 'U.S. Amateur Champion Thomas Lux'
Right: 'Pyrotechnics in the Championship Match'

Chess Life

The 1966 United States Amateur Champion is Thomas J. Lux of San Diego, California, now serving in the Navy and stationed at Camden, New Jersey. Lux won all seven of his games to pace a field of 216 players at the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York, May 27-30

Photo credit: 'Official U.S.Navy Photograph by R.A.Bradshaw, PHI, USN'. The June 1966 CL carried the full crosstable with all 216 participants. That must have been a lot of work for a record of only marginal interest.

Chess Review

World Champion Tigran Petrosyan of the U.S.S.R., specifically of Armenia, is leading in the match with Challenger Boris Spassky of the U.S.S.R., specifically of Leningrad, by 9 to 8 as we go to press.

CL had already called the winner on its May 1966 cover. As for the CR June 1966 cover, it shows game 10 of the match. To play through that game, see Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian vs Boris Spassky; World Championship Match (1966), specifically of Chessgames.com.

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