27 June 2016

Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977

In my previous post, Korchnoi's Career, I started a TMER series (Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record) for the recently deceased GM. The one page overview of his early career shown below was headed,

TOURNAMENT AND MATCH RECORD • This record of Viktor Korchoi's tournament and match career excludes only minor Soviet events and some small international team matches. Where only the venue is given, the event is an international individual tournament.

It is taken from 'Viktor Korchnoi's Best Games' by Korchnoi himself (David McKay Company, 1978, 294 pages).

There is a nearly identical chart in 'Korchnoi's Chess Games' by Levy & O'Connell (Oxford University Press, 1979, 308 pages). Both books -- Korchnoi's and Levy/O'Connell's -- are linked by a copyright notice for 'Philidor Press'.

A British computer chess and AI games developing and trading company, founded in 1979 by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell. Philidor Software emerged from the former chess book publishing company Philidor Press Ltd., which was founded by Levy and O’Connell in about 1975. • Philidor Software (chessprogramming.wikispaces.com)

A similar overview of Korchnoi's career is in 'The World Chess Championship Korchnoi vs. Karpov : The Inside Story of the Match' by Raymond Keene (Simon & Schuster, 1978, 159 pages). It adds three events played after the publication of the other books, but before the 1978 Karpov - Korchnoi Title Match (Baguio City, VII-X, 1978).

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