03 June 2016

Chess.com's ChessCenter

Weekly chess shows come and go; remember WorldChessNews.com, aka Chesstv.eu (last episode 3 June 2013)? Here's a more recent series that I hadn't watched yet: ChessCenter on Chess.com. This recent episode is dated 26 May 2016.

ChessCenter: Chess In Culture (21:12) • 'Chess is all over pop culture lately, with an upcoming Disney movie revolving around a young chess player, and a chess scene featured in the Captain America blockbuster.'

The description continued,

Politics and chess clash again this week as Levon Aronian gets embroiled in a Twitter discussion about the role of women in chess. And don’t miss what could be the best move of the week in a while as GM Robert Hess and IM Danny Rensch break it all down for you.

For the full list of all videos in the series, see chess.com/video/library?author=ChessCenter.

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