26 June 2016

Fritz and Chesster

Continuing with Chess Software for Children, in that post I identified a couple of packages worth a further look.

Two products -- both of them engines embedded into instructional material -- came up repeatedly:
• Chessmaster, specifically the Josh Waitzkin version
• Fritz (chess), 'Fritz and Chesster'

Taking Fritz first (because I like the tonguetwisting sound of 'Fritz first'), I discovered a Youtube video featuring the product.

Let's Play: Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster for the PC: Part 1: Gameplay and Commentary (42:24) • 'Published on Jan 28, 2015'

There is a second clip from the same channel (where I also discovered the meaning of 'rhotacism'):-

I haven't watched either video to the end and will do so ASAP. The 'Software for Children' post linked to an Amazon product page for Viva Media:-

It turns out there are other Amazon pages for related products.

As you might expect from chess software bearing the name 'Fritz', there is a Chessbase connection: Chess For Kids: online and free.

Among the most popular programs by ChessBase, is the series designed to teach chess to children, "Fritz and Chesster". Until now it was only available on CD from the shop, but now you can enjoy the fun and games approach for free on the web. The colorful cartoons, with cute mini-games to teach the moves, can now be accessed from any browser, even on a mobile device.

'Fritz and Chesster' product pages for Chessbase.com can be found at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: Chess for winners, and Part 1 Version 3. Most of these pages, along with links for the product in other languages, are listed on the index page Training / Fritz & Chesster. Maybe I'll try the French version on my French speaking granddaughters.

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