13 October 2016

Another Chess-playing Dylan (*)

How many Nobel laureates in literature can you name? Of the 100+ laureates since 1901, maybe a dozen? Add another name to the list: Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature (nytimes.com). And how many Nobel laureates are known to be chess players? At least one.

Google image search on 'chess bob dylan'

Many of these photos are from the same setting, as explained in Game of Chess | Bob Dylan: See Rare Photos From 1964-65 Turning Point (rollingstone.com):-

[Photos] © Daniel Kramer/courtesy of TASCHEN • A game of chess with Victor Maymudes at Bernard's Cafe Espresso, a favorite hangout spot in Woodstock, 1964. One of many unpublished outtakes from the day that produced Kramer's classic photograph of Dylan at the chessboard.

I once tried to read a book of poetry by Dylan -- Tarantula (wikipedia.org) -- but I found it incomprehensible. It needs music to make it work.

(*) With apologies to Dylan Loeb McClain, as in No News Is Normal for Chess (June 2010).

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