09 October 2016

'Chess in School' Summarized

It's time to wrap up the longest running series on this blog:-

I quickly discovered that CIS was Multilevel, Political, Lucrative, Quantifiable, Sociable, Mantric, and Experimental. Those initial posts, a mini-series of their own, were listed in an intermediate summary:-

By Individual, I meant that I was 'going to switch gears and look at some of the best known personalities in the field'. In fact I only looked at one and then launched into all sorts of related areas...

...That last post led to another mini-series eventually summarized in:-

After another detour...

...the mini-series continued, then culminated a few months later in:-

After more bouncing around related subjects...

...I ended with a look at a critical U.K. study:-

There's much more to be covered here and if I ever come back to the subject, the unfinished 'best known personalities in the field' offers plenty of direction. Although I have a better idea now what 'Chess in School' means than I did three years ago when I started the subject, I feel that I've just scratched the surface.

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