30 October 2016

Another Dollhouse Chess Table

In this fortnightly series on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, we've already seen a couple of dollhouse items in Baffled by 'Wot Not' (June 2015). In that post the two chess tables-plus-set each sold for over $500. The item pictured below was titled 'Two Victorian Chess Players in the Parlour Doll House Miniature Set' and sold for $360 Buy-It-Now. Why the difference in price?

The description said,

These two fine gentlemen are hand-made of polymer clay. They sit about 5 inches high and are 1/12 scale dolls perfect for the parlour of your doll house. They are engaged in a game of chess with a hand-made chess set (two pieces are missing). The pieces are hand-turned of wood with a tiny nub on the bottom of each - so they need a dab of wax to stay in place. The wood table with inlaid chess board is Jia Yi brand, but the legs need to be reglued. The gentlemen have tea to hand on a side table and their parlour is furnished with a plant and a world globe on a stand. Exquisite!

Is the price difference a function of scale? See, for example, Smallhousemodels.com Scales-guide.

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