07 October 2016

Animating a Controversy

For this edition of Video Friday, I had the choice between two topics that were exceptionally popular over the past fortnight: the flap over the Women's World Championship -or- the 'Queen of Katwe'. Several years ago I posted about The Queen of Katwe (January 2011), and since Disney's story of Phiona Mutesi will likely be with us for some time, let's go with the other topic.

Female chess players boycott World Championship in Iran over having to wear hijabs - TomoNews (1:10) • 'ATHENS, GREECE - Top female chess players are threatening to boycott the 2017 World Championships after the World Chess Federation (FIDE) announced that the event would be held in Iran, which has in turn stated that women would be required to wear hijabs.'

The description continued,

The FIDE said that competitors would face arrest if they did not comply at the upcoming event slated for February 2017 in Tehran, Iran. The organization urged players to respect "cultural differences."

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Unfortunately, this video doesn't treat the subject seriously -- the comments are proof of that -- and it deserves another look.

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