29 May 2017

Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, Crosstables

I ended my previous post, Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, One Table, with an action:-

Merging the two tables left one last set of cross references to be noted: "L&O also has nearly 50 pages of crosstables covering major events. These could be flagged in the TMER." I'll take care of that on my next post, which should be a wrapup for this stage of the series on 'Korchnoi's Career'.

For the meaning of the acronyms, L&O and TMER, see the 'One Table' post. It turned out that the crosstables, of which I matched 175 against the TMER, were in nearly one-to-one correspondence with the L&O game data used to create this portion of the TMER. I noted a few minor discrepancies:-

Crosstable without TMER:-
• 1952 USSR Team Chp., Odessa
• 1976 Leningrad, Spartakiad

TMER without crosstable:-
• 1957 Armenian Chp. (hors concours)

The crosstables also give Korchnoi's final score for many events which were missing this info, e.g. the '1948 USSR Junior Chp., 1/2-final, Tallinn', where he scored +6-1=4 and finished first. Some day I might add add those results to the TMER, but for now it's time to move to another project.

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