09 May 2017

The Game of (Belgian) Kings

The eBay description for this photo said, 'Prince Philippe playing chess with father, King Baudouin', but I knew better.

25 July 1990 - Chateau de Ciergnon
(Photo: Van Parys Media, Brussels)

From Wikipedia's Baudouin of Belgium:-

The fifth King of the Belgians, following his father's abdication, from 1951 until his death in 1993. [...] Because he had no children with his wife, Fabiola de Mora, the crown passed to his younger brother, Albert II (formerly Prince of Li├Ęge), following his death.

From Wikipedia's Albert II of Belgium:-

The sixth King of the Belgians from 1993 until his abdication in 2013. [...] He was succeeded by his son Philippe on 21 July 2013.

If we change that eBay description to, 'Prince Philippe playing chess with uncle, King Baudouin', everything works.

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