01 May 2017

Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, Unidentified Events

After Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, Short Events -- 'where Levy & O'Connell (L&O) showed only two or three games played by Korchnoi in a particular event' -- I tackled 'events' where L&O have only a single game. I found 36 games in this category. Of these,

  • 1/2 were games with no event given
  • 1/3 were errors either in L&O's index of players or in the scanning process; I corrected these
  • the rest were events where only a single game is in L&O

That last group of games/events could be included on Viktor Korchnoi's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (TMER; 1946-2015). Next step: Starting with Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, Long Events (March 2017), add all of the newly identified events to the TMER.

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