02 May 2017

May 1967 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago, the two most important American chess magazines each featured a pillar of U.S. chess: the U.S. Open and Bobby Fischer.

Left: 'Site of 1967 U.S. Open'
Right: 'Monaco Grand Prix'

Chess Life

No, Kolti, not the eighteen million dollar Atlanta Stadium; but the Atlanta American Motor Hotel, which is part of the modern Atlanta skyline at the top et the photo. However, the Tournament Committee states the stadium will be filled the first three days of our tournament as the Braves meet the San Francisco Giants. Hotel space is at a premium whenever the Braves meet the Giants, so PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW.

'Kolti' would have been IM George Koltanowski. As we saw two years ago, the Chess Life half of the May 1965 'On the Cover' featured the 1965 U.S. Open, San Juan, Puerto Rico, with TD George Koltanowski. In other, related news, the Giants won the first two games of the three day series, but the Braves won the third game.

Chess Review

Robert J. (Bobby) Fischer of Brooklyn, the chess champion of the United States, may not have broken the bank at Monte Carlo but did carry off 5,000 francs, which we are told equals $1,015, along with a trophy presented by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, for his score of 7-2 in the tournament at Monte Carlo. The tournament had many curious points. Fischer swept to a 5-0 score and looked to be staging a runaway but then drew with Vassily Smyslov and Aleksandar Matanovich and, in a close last round, backed into his victory by losing to Yefim Geller while Smyslov took a "great-grand-master" draw in ten moves with Svetozar Gligorich.

The crosstable of the event was shown on the Chess Life half of last month's April 1967 'On the Cover'.

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